5 SEO Techniques (That Work 99% of the Time)

In this video, Nathan Gotch, the founder of Got SEO Academy, shares five of his favorite SEO techniques. The first technique discussed is the “merger” technique, where a relevant defunct business is 301 redirected to your business. This strategy can boost your website’s authority and make it easier to rank for important keywords.

Next, Nathan highlights the use of AI to uncover untapped SEO content opportunities. By analyzing Google Search Console data, you can identify poorly performing queries and create new content to address them, improving your organic search traffic.

The third technique is the reverse Silo technique, which involves driving backlinks to specific content assets and distributing the link equity to other important pages on your website. This approach improves the overall authority of your site and enhances the performance of other pages.

Using AI to create link bait is the fourth technique shared. Nathan demonstrates how to use Chat GPT to generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for creating engaging link bait content. Such content attracts links and boosts organic search traffic.

Lastly, the video discusses the issue of keyword cannibalization, where multiple pages on your site target the same keyword phrase with the same intent. Nathan explains how to identify and fix keyword cannibalization issues by optimizing pages for specific keyword phrases and ensuring each page has a unique intent.

Overall, these SEO techniques can help you improve your website’s authority, increase organic search traffic, and optimize your content to rank for relevant keywords. Nathan Gotch also mentions Got SEO Academy as a resource for further enhancing your SEO skills.

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